Major problems with Adobe Version Cue CS4

Major problems with Adobe Version Cue CS4  | Lucid Design - Beautiful, elegant design for web and print

We were very early adopters of Adobe CS4 hoping it would reduce some of the headaches we were having with disconnecting from projects in CS3.

While CS4 brings some fantastic new features to InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop, Version Cue is virtually unusable and has caused us major problems including:

  1. Hours and hours of lost time simply trying to connect to the project through Adobe Drive which resulted in us re-installing CS4 then running the update to 4.0.1. It worked for a while but now, a few weeks later, I can not connect to the "drive" again.
  2. Losing files. Staff have been working for days on large projects only to find, when reconnecting, that there are no files saved at all. Vanished!
  3. Incredibly slow performance. It somestimes takes 5 to 10 minutes to start up Adobe Drive and/or Bridge.

Unfortunately I am not posting this article because I have a solution. I would like to invite readers to contribute their issues, suggestions and/or solutions to this nightmare.

And come on Adobe, this really is not good enough. We rely on Creative Suite for our day-to-day work and we depend on it running smoothly. To find such a major bug in Version Cue at shipping time that you needed to disable it in the release version of CS4 just is not acceptable (!

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