Packaging design and development

Packaging comes in all shapes and sizes.

Many people think that all we do is design websites and brochures however we love packaging! It is one of the most satisfying forms of design because we are creating something "real"—something tangible that people can hold in their hands.

Unlike design for advertising, packaging is designed to last. It doesn't have to simply catch someone's attention quickly and momentarily but needs to catch it and hold it long enough for the person to pick it up. It has to grab their attention and motivate them to give it a second thought.

Packaging also often has to protect the object it is holding. This is also a wonderful challenge as there is a great mix of needing to create something attractive while also making it functional and sturdy.

With more and more products competing for consumers' attention on the shelves, it is critical that a product has beautiful, strong, functional design to make it stand out from the rest.

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