Takeaway Coffee Cup Design

Design of Takeaway Coffee Cups |

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Design of Takeaway Coffee Cups

When we took on this project, we were supplied with existing artwork which had been created for menus and bookmarks. We wanted to create a cup design that was bright and funky and in keeping with the Wholemeal Café's current artsy look.

Two sizes were produced with production runs of 25,000 per size so we also needed to come up with a design that would last.

(For those who are interested, this mockup image was created in Adobe Illustrator CS4 using the 3D revolve tool with a PDF of the label mapped onto the model)

Project Details

The Wholemeal Café
Takeaway Coffee Cups
Takaka, New Zealand
Website design and development by Lucid Design, Nelson New Zealand  |  Keywords: web designer, graphic designer, photographer, packaging, nelson