Mansfield theme for PregoApp

Design of Mansfield theme for PregoApp |

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Design of Mansfield theme for PregoApp

A year or so ago we designed a simple holding page for Mansfield Gallery as they weren't quite ready to launch a full website.

This is exactly what the PregoApp project was designed for however, initially, it was too basic to handle a theme like this.

We are really excited to release our first theme that is a bit more creative than the first ones we created.

The Mansfield theme offers a number of cool features, the most obvious one being the slideshow. This is achieved by allowing the site owner to "link" their PregoApp site to a Flickr set which is then displayed on their site in a cross-fading slideshow.

We also automatically toggle odd/even styling on the list of names using jQuery (sadly, the CSS3 support of this technique is not widely supported in the major browsers).

All this functionality is baked right into the theme and opens the door to lots of other cool features.

Project Details

Mansfield Gallery
Theme design for PregoApp
Nelson, New Zealand
Website design and development by Lucid Design, Nelson New Zealand  |  Keywords: web designer, graphic designer, photographer, packaging, nelson