Mix & Mash feed for Carpool data

Mix & Mash feed for Carpool New Zealand |

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Mix & Mash feed for Carpool New Zealand

Last year our Nelson team worked hard to create an entry for Mix & Mash and came up with the great little web app, Hutli, for sharing New Zealand tramping hut experiences on Facebook.

While we may work on something again this year, I thought, in the meantime, it would be fun to contribute to the competition.

We are making available a CSV file of all the rides from www.carpoolnz.org since it launched way back in 2005. We have removed names and contact details but there is still some very useful info include departure and arrival places, dates, times, frequency etc.

Here's the link: www.carpoolnz.org/mixandmash.php

Maybe someone will find it useful.

Happy coding and happy mashing!

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Carpool New Zealand
Mix & Mash 2011
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