An open-source framework theme for Shopify based on Twitter Bootstrap

We have been dabling with a framework theme for Shopify for a number of years and are super thrilled to finally be releasing Bootstrapify as an open-source Shopify theme.

While the look-and-feel reflects Twitter Bootstrap, we have worked hard on numerous aspects of this theme to make it a solid foundation for people starting out developing responsive themes from scratch.

Features include:

  • Based on Twitter Bootstrap 2.x
  • Fully resonsive layout optimised for mobiles and tablets
  • Lots of features in the theme settings to provide customisation without needing to dig into the code

If you need support or have any feature requests, please create a Github issue.

We'd love any feedback on how we can make Bootstrapify work better for you.

Project Details

Lucid Design
Website design and development by Lucid Design, Nelson New Zealand  |  Keywords: web designer, graphic designer, photographer, packaging, nelson