Lucid Mobile, a mobile theme for Shopify

Lucid Mobile, a mobile theme for Shopify | Lucid_Mobile_Shopify_theme.png

An optimised mobile experience

We have created Lucid Mobile to be a highly-customisable mobile theme that makes it easy to effectively and inexpensively add a better user-experience to existing Shopify sites for mobile users.

If your Shopify site doesn’t have a responsive theme, the mobile experience may not be great—or it could even be virtually unusable.

Many store owners don’t realise that they can install two theme in their Shopify stores: a main one and a second, mobile-only one.

Lucid Mobile is designed to be a dedicated mobile theme and we’ve put a lot of effort into making it easy to tweak colours, layout, typography etc to enable store owners to match to look-and-feel of their store’s main theme.

How to get Lucid Mobile for your store

It’s just US$80 and you can buy and install the theme with a few clicks from the Shopify Themes Store.

Need help setting it up?

We are happy to install and configure Lucid Mobile for you.

We have put together two simple ”hand-holding“ packages:

  • Basic install using either the Minimal or Artist preset. NZD $195 — BUY NOW
  • Full installation and setup to fit the overall look-and-feel of your site including typography and colours. NZD $495 — BUY NOW
  • Custom install. Get in touch.
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